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Featured Artists Exhibit Feb/Mar 2024

February 20 March 30

Featuring Luna Lee Ray, Peter Filene and Natalie Boorman, with guest artists Jason Smith and Adriana Ameigh.

The Opening Reception for this exhibit is on Friday, March 8, from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Luna Lee Ray

A mixed media artist, Ray draws from the rich tapestry of nature and the ever-changing seasons. Infused with a dreamy and ethereal quality, her artwork transcends conventional boundaries, inviting viewers into a realm of light layers and subtle textures. Ray captures the essence of the natural world, weaving together textures and hues that mirror the shifting landscapes of the earth. Through her mesmerizing compositions, she invites us to pause, reflect, and immerse ourselves in the boundless beauty of the world around us.

Natalie Boorman

Boorman’s creative journey revolves around the ancient techniques of pinch pottery, employing both pit firing and raku firing methods to bring her pieces to life. Her artistic vision is embodied in the organic essence of her creations, each bearing the distinctive allure of smokey hues and a cool, natural aesthetic. Through the transformative process of pit and raku firing, Boorman’s pottery transcends the ordinary, embracing the unpredictability of the elements to imbue her works with a timeless, earthy charm. Each of her pieces becomes a vessel of storytelling, echoing the whispers of ancient traditions while inviting contemplation and admiration for the raw beauty of nature.

Peter Filene

Photographer Filene’s mastery lies in the realm of double exposure and photo collages. With a deft hand and a discerning eye, Filene seamlessly blends multiple images to create visually captivating compositions and collages that transcend conventional boundaries. Each piece is a testament to his innovative approach, where layers of imagery intertwine with a painterly result. Through his art, Filene invites viewers to embark on a journey of exploration, where reality and imagination converge in a mesmerizing tapestry of visual storytelling. His work serves as a testament to the endless possibilities of photographic expression, inviting audiences to perceive the world through a lens of boundless creativity and innovation.

Jason Smith

Smith, an accomplished sculptor, transitioned from a distinguished career as a jewelry artist to pursue his passion for sculptural expression. In his artistic journey, sculpture has emerged as his primary focus, with a diverse exploration of mediums, yet metal remains his preferred material due to its strength, malleability, and inherent beauty. Smith’s sculptural works resonate with abstraction, where the manipulation of form and space takes center stage. Through the skillful interplay of rhythm, action, and movement, his compositions exude a sense of implied energy, inviting viewers to delve into the dynamic narratives woven within his work.

Adriana Ameigh

Known for her vibrant and colorful mixed media paintings and sculptures, Ameigh’s work exudes a dynamic energy that brings her pieces to life. With an innate understanding of color, Ameigh’s creations pulsate with vitality, captivating viewers with their kaleidoscopic brilliance. Through her art, she endeavors to create abstract paintings that strike a delicate balance between fluid movement, tactile textures, and uplifting hues. Each painting and every sculpted form invites exploration, revealing optimistic narratives that resonate with the essence of hope and possibility. Ameigh’s work serves as a testament to the transformative power of art, inspiring audiences to immerse themselves in the boundless realm of imagination and creativity.

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