Sasha Bakaric


My inspiration comes from microscopic images of various cells and microorganisms as the basis of all life. I am intrigued by dichotomy between the enormous beauty of these images and the fears or repulsiveness that people often have when faced with viruses or bacteria. I love the idea of questioning our relationship with the world inside of us. In the same way as microorganisms are multiplying and spreading, so are my pieces. I find great excitement in making yet another similar but totally unique piece.  

My work is very much process driven with images and forms almost spontaneously coming as I work. I mostly work with white stoneware coated with terra sigillata. I use slip trailing, sgraffito and various commercial and custom glazes to build intricate surfaces. All my work is fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln.


  •  Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild: Craftsmen Choice Award 2014
  • Vase finder International – 3rd place Award – juried by Roberta Griffith 2014 
  • Durham Arts Council Ella Fountain Pratt Emerging Artists Award 2012 
  • Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild: Craftsmen Choice Award 2012