B. Michele Maynard

Artist Statement 

Quiltlike stacks of mark and color 
The pattern of leaves on a stem 

Some of the ways I organize the accumulated images in my brain, a way to impose order and attempt to capture something with paint or pieces of fabric. 

No clear plan—just begin. Investing materials and time, building up a history on the surface of the canvas or fabric collage. Daily journal—scribbles and daydreams.

Artist Bio

 Growing up was evenly divided between Atlanta and Honolulu. I earned an MFA in 1980 from the University of Michigan and have taught at the Oregon College of Arts & Crafts and the Penland School. My artwork is in city and state collections in the Northwest and numerous corporate collections around the US. I moved to Chapel Hill, NC in 1989, raising a family in the spanning years. My past commercial work includes print designs for Fabricart, Inc, illustration for Whole Foods Market and the World Wildlife Fund Canada. I was a founding member of Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill.