Luna Lee Ray

Artist Statement

All of my imagery is informed by my experience of the natural world.
I am an avid ( obsessive!) gardener, and spend many hours intensely observing the forms and processes of nature. There I find a rich, symbolic language which helps convey not only my feelings of reverence and awe towards this beautiful world, but also encompasses all my dreams, visions, memories, and spiritual yearnings-all that is unseen and intangible yet so much of who we are. I love layering and texture and all the creative possibilities of combining painting, drawing, and collage. I also love the poetry and evocativeness of words, and consider my titles, and often the actual inclusion of text in an image, integral to the complete experience of a piece. I almost always work in a series, continually exploring different facets of a concept before moving on to the next "big idea". 
When i need inspiration, i step outside.....