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Featured Artists Exhibit Jan/Feb 2024

January 9 February 17

Nerys Levy

Nerys Levy’s work is largely inspired by her on site drawings and paintings from all over the world. Her work on Polar Regions emanates from her “on site” work in the Antarctic and the Norwegian Arctic while her ongoing Italian and British works are inspired by annual visits to Italy and Britain. This show features paintings from her Italian series. Nerys Levy believes that witnessing and documenting antiquity and the forms and forces of nature at source bring an important “authentic” element to an art work.

Levy is always ”on duty” with sketch book and paints at hand, ever-ready to catch that line, color, light or moment – that even a camera could miss.

Gordon Jameson

Gordon Jameson is interested in the ongoing layering of life, ideas, history, personal stories, and mythologies. His visual conversation is like poetry, a whispered interval between the past and tomorrow, subtracting and adding, losing one thing but gaining something new. His images, while abstract, reference specific places, events, memories, moments in a day, or a road taken.

On the process of painting, Gordon says it “involves catharsis, seeking a balance and finding a concrete language for an idea that may be very fleeting – like holding fog in a crystal bowl.”

Eric Serritella

Known world-wide for his dramatically realistic clay work, Eric Serritella uncovers the beauty found in nature.

In 2021, Eric served as an artist in residence at Starworks Center for Creative Enterprise in North Carolina, exploring glass art.

This exhibit shows Eric’s expanding artistic repertoire that includes these beautiful pate de verre glass objects. He plays with a brilliant pallet of glass frits and pushes the material in new and exciting ways. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, cast in a plaster mold that is never used again.

Eric has received many awards, including the prestigious 2016 Distinguished Artist in Ceramics at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. He has been featured in numerous American and international art publications and been highlighted in the New York Times Arts section.

Lila Bacon

Painter Lila Bacon is inspired by the visual, and her interpretation of it. She describes space by placing emphasis on the world around an object, rather than the object, itself.

She says, “whether, I am painting a landscape, figure, or still life, finding the pattern of the scene allows me to create an internal and external rhythm or breath in a piece.” 

Lila is an award winning artist who now lives in Carrboro, North Carolina. She concentrates on floral painting. She graduated from Parsons School of Design / The New School in 1973. She worked with her husband in a flourishing pottery business, then as proprietor of a wonderful American crafts gallery and website Sweetheart Gallery. She is the recipient of the Harriet Tannin award. 

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