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Una Barrett

The significance of an object is often acknowledged by the investigation of its past. I am profoundly interested in the tensions that arise when an object simultaneously embodies an esthetic that is both historic and contemporary. It is the investigation of dichotomies that fuels my creative process. Spending the majority of my life in rural settings cultivated a close sense with the natural rhythms of the earth. I witnessed the process of growth and death often and was profoundly impacted by a distinct intimacy with nature. My wearable and sculptural jewelry reflects an awareness of the changes I observe in the the earth around me, their relationship to the narratives of the past, and the industrial world that I now reside in. Paleontological and geological phenomena, objects collected from nature, and textures are all potential starting points for design. I utilize both traditional and contemporary metal smithing techniques to explore the trajectory of a piece’s journey through the creation process.

Una Barrett received her BFA from Portland State University and also holds an Associates of Science: Professional Crafts Jewelry Degree from the Haywood Community College Professional Crafts Program. She is a full time studio artist in Eugene, Oregon. She is a member of the Piedmont Craftsman and Southern Highlands Guilds. Her work is in private and public collections including The National Ornamental Metal Museum and Philip Hanes collections. She is actively represented by several galleries across the United States.