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Theresa St. Romain


My work explores the concept of landscape elements to construct mini-narratives that connect to both the wearer and me. I have an urge for straight, clean lines and visual texture – a bumpy, rough, wandering texture, as if the pieces were both grown and fabricated, irregular and planned.

Some pieces are like growths and others like landscapes; and others are signs for wearer. I “peg” the little shapes of metal so that they lift above the back sheet or in their boxes; they look like they are floating. I let them bunch together or tease them apart to add tension. I create the surface textures on the shibuichi with my torch (reticulation) and on the other metals with hammers and the rolling mill. 

At the end, I add a patina then rub it away to highlight the metals and textures.


Theresa St. Romain is a metalsmith and designer. She makes jewelry, wearable narrative pieces, and small sculptures.  Currently, cellular structures, small botanicals, visual tension, and journey stories fascinate her.

Theresa has a BS in Science, Technology, and Culture from Georgia Tech and a BS in Criminal Justice from Georgia State University. She studied metalsmithing at the Spruill Center for the Arts and the Pratt Arts Center in Seattle. Her interests in science and story continue to inform her work.

Theresa lives near Atlanta, but not too near.