Susan Filley

I work with porcelain, a luscious white clay with lovely qualities of depth and brilliance. I started making pots because it was fun to make useful pottery. I was interested in striving toward the handmade and personal. Over time, I have refined both my work and my goals to a very simple but sometimes difficult objective. I want to make beautiful pots. I hope my simple cups are lovely to use and hold, and radiant in glaze and detail. My larger work and sculptural pieces are more varied, but unified by a strong sense of bold form, gestural line, and attitude. The glazes range greatly between subtle and rich to luscious and sexy. Life has become very complicated in many ways. In my artwork, I only want to do one thing. I hope to make beautiful pots.

Susan grew up here in Chapel Hill, but has lived and worked across the country. In 1985 she received her MFA in ceramics. Her porcelain pottery and artwork is recognized for it’s gestural grace in form and rich glaze surfaces. Her work is in many publications and collections including the Mint and the Shiwan Museum in China. While living in Charleston, SC, Susan was awarded a Project Grant from the Arts Commission, which helped her to establish an innovative studio space offering classes, studios and a clay art gallery. Susan has worked to promote ceramic art, and served for 6 years as President of NCECA, the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts. She was the first studio potter to serve in that position and she is now recognized as a Fellow of the Council. In 2005, Susan moved ‘home’ and built a private studio in Chapel Hill.