Sudie Rakusin

Through my artwork I envision the world as I would like it to be, where harmony exists between animal and human and nature survives in all its lush abundance. Being an animal activist and feminist, my work flows from what moves me: women, animals, the earth, color, pattern and light. My art represents the deep connection I feel with these elements.  My 3-dimensional oil on canvas paintings feature women, animals and nature. These works are created on a free-form canvas and involve the use of papier-mâché sculpting, beadwork and mixed- media. Components include doors that open, LED lighting, and features that rise from the canvas and extend toward the viewer. My papier-mâché sculptures are inspired by flora and fauna but reach into my imaginary world and are enhanced with pattern and beadwork.  My most recent abstracts use cold wax, oil and mixed media where I am constantly challenged as I explore line, form and color. I believe my creations are the best part of me. Art is where I go for refuge, replenishing, and how I pay homage to what sustains me.  

I am a visual artist, sculptor, illustrator for established authors such as Mary Daly, Carolyn Gage and Patricia Monaghan, and a children’s book author of the Dear Savannah Blue series. I am the owner of Winged Willow Press publishing company and creator of the Unwind Time coloring app.  In response to the pandemic, Covid-19, and the Black Lives Matter Movement, I created masks using patterns derived from my paintings. For each mask sold I am donating a portion to Fair Fight Action, Stacey Abrams’ organization fighting voter suppression.  I was born in Washington, D.C. and currently reside in Hillsborough, NC. in the woods with my magnificent dog companions.