Staci Phebus


I’ve been drawn to small things since I can remember. Delicate subtleties, fascinating textures, and intricate designs found amongst naturally-occurring, tiny wonders are hugely inspirational to me and my work.

Working with metal has been my passion since 1998, when I took my first jewelry design course with renowned metalsmith Bob Ebendorf at East Carolina University School of Art & Design. During my sophomore year, a potter friend encouraged me to sign up for a beginning metals course. I soon found the process of metalworking to be captivating, challenging, and even gratifying, if things went well. Metals – seemingly cold, hard materials could be formed, pierced, forged, melted, and manipulated. The variety of techniques was mind-blowing. Every metal has unique working properties and there was, of course, FIRE involved! I shifted my course of study from painting and went on to earn a BFA with a Metal Design concentration in 2002. After many years of making jewelry as a hobby, then starting JBM as a part-time project, I took the leap to go full-time in 2018, at age 40.

Creating wearable art for you is a true joy. I am so grateful every day for the support. You make it possible for me to live my dream!