B. Michele Maynard



Pandemic lockdown at my art studio resulted in a big shift in my work, a silver lining in my COVID cloud. Not able to travel and spend time with family and friends, I spent time with people and places by drawing and painting them from 30 years of photographs. My husband and I took these images while traveling and raising three sons, but I never had adequate time to peruse and process all of them. Lockdown gave me an opportunity to do this, and the photos became the basis of the body of work shown here. I went back to basics, spending newfound blocks of time drawing with oil stick and oil pastel from compilations of images. After a few months, I continued developing this new direction in acrylic and Flashe paint, drawing on looser techniques I have employed in abstract pieces.

This is the most personal and deeply satisfying body of work I’ve ever done.

Growing up was evenly divided between Atlanta and Honolulu. I earned an MFA in 1980 from the University of Michigan and have taught at the Oregon College of Arts & Crafts and the Penland School. My artwork is in city and state collections in the Northwest and numerous corporate collections around the US. I moved to Chapel Hill, NC in 1989, raising a family in the spanning years. My past commercial work includes print designs for Fabricart, Inc, illustration for Whole Foods Market and the World Wildlife Fund Canada. I was a founding member of Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill.