Call For Artist Members

Luna Lee Ray


My current paintings are inspired by the interplay of air, water, and light: Rain and sunshine and mist; Moisture in the air at dawn; The charge in the air after a summer storm.

My artistic process involves multiple layers of acrylic paints and graphite-sometimes charcoal, pastel, ink, and collage as well. I begin each piece as an experimental journey, finding the composition and meaning as I go.

I work with both randomness and intentionality. The early stages of a piece involve active drawing, sometimes with my eyes closed. I then add multiple layers of thin and thick paints, adding more graphite between layers. As a piece moves on I will begin to add more complex forms and fine tune the color harmonics. As I layer, some elements are enhanced and some are obscured, resulting in an atmospheric surface rich with history, depth, and luminosity.

“I am learning to see something new. In addition to sky and land, a third thing has equal significance – the air.“ -Rilke