Karen Day


My process is the collaboration I have with my materials; acrylic, Conte and graphite. They are applied to the canvas in multiple layers. When starting a canvas with a textured surface, I initially draw loose forms, gestures, and spontaneous marks followed by multiple layers, with traces from each layout often visible when the piece is finished. I like to play with the negative spaces, creating a luminous dimension between the shapes. This positive/negative balance allows the colors, lines, and forms to interact organically.

This conversation with my canvases has a beginning and an end, but everything in between is spontaneous. I prefer to allow intuitive inspiration to take the lead. I leave and return to each canvas as it develops, with every session following this same approach — reworking the shapes and colors, leading to more complex layers. I begin to see how the parts affect the whole, eventually arriving at an endpoint, which often is the subject of my own internal debate. As DaVinci said, “A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned.”