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Jane Filer

I am certain that there is more to this existence than what I can perceive. In my work, I attempt to give form to that. I enjoy stories of time travel and supernatural experiences. They are useful in expanding my ability to imagine.

I tell stories rooted in what it is to be human. My experience of wonder is influenced by nature. My relationship to everything is the source that feeds my work. My fascination with life, light, love, and fear can’t help but show up. They want in, and I am more than thrilled to oblige.

I’ve made homes in North Carolina at the beach and in the woods. I spend time in New Mexico and the Florida Keys. I depict these environs in ethereal ways. These places I love give tangibility and ground to a playful exploration of infinite possibilities. My paintings are vehicles. They are equations and visual stories. They are teleportation beams, if you dare to take the ride. They are my offspring. They are what I have spent my life nurturing and putting out in the world.


Jane Filer grew up in San Jose, California. At age eleven, the family moved to Western Australia where Jane first became acquainted with the ethereal artwork of the aboriginal people. The mystical nature of this culture made for a lasting impression.

Jane Filer has a devout following of art collectors and friends who attend her solo exhibitions. Many of her shows include “Happenings”, a modern primitive drum dance of characters roaming the gallery during opening receptions of her latest work.

In 2006, Jane retired after teaching painting and drawing for 21 years at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC. In her honor the classroom was officially named, “The Jane Filer Studio”.  

Jane’s work has been included in numerous prestigious collections in international, corporate and private sectors. Included among these are the American Embassies in Talin, Estonia and Kampala, Uganda, IBM, Momentum Research, The University of North Carolina, Duke Hospital, UNC Memorial Hospital, and Southern Illinois University Museum. Prominent collectors are Kevin Klose, President Emeritus, National Public Radio, and Eileen Naughton, Google New York – Media Sales Director.  

In 2010 Jane painted a 45 foot mural for RDU International Airport. The Triangle Area Sister Cities sponsored the commission, and the theme is ‘World Peace: One Friendship and One Community at a time’. This project spurred a bout of international travel including teaching workshops in France and a solo exhibition at the Stiftung Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum in Rheinhausen, Germany.