Call For Artist Members

Gordon Jameson


I am interested in the ongoing layering of life, ideas, history, personal stories, and mythologies. My visual conversation is like poetry, a whispered interval between the past and tomorrow, subtracting and adding, losing one thing but gaining something new.
My images, while abstract, reference specific places, events, memories, moments in a day, or a road taken. It isn’t the literal I wish to find in my paintings but the idea or feeling of the experience of some place or time.
Constructing the paintings involves catharsis, seeking a balance and finding a concrete language for an idea that may be very fleeting – like holding fog in a crystal bowl.

“All things are in process, rising and returning…” – Lao-Tse

Gordon Jameson learned to use (and love) oil paint at about the age of 8 from his grandmother. Jameson graduated from Franconia College in 1977 with a degree in painting and fine art, moved to Boston, MA and set up a studio. He had his first public exhibition at Gallery 281 on Newbury Street, Boston the following year. From Boston, Jameson worked and lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, finally settling in North Carolina in 1993. Jameson has shown his work nationally and is in many private collections in the US and Europe. Over the years, Jameson has been an active member of the art community having served on Boards or as a member of a number of organizations. He was one of the founding member artists of the Franklin Street Arts Collective (FRANK Gallery) in Chapel Hill, NC, and was its Board Chair for six years.