Call For Emerging Artists

Bill McAllister


Photography allows me to observe and interact with the people and things around me. This

 is not so much to record, as to interpret, modify and create a different way of seeing.

 Process is often integral. Whether using the ultra large format 20×24 inch Polaroid, homemade, infrared modified, or underwater cameras, each affect the path of image creation. Most force me to work with in a slower, more deliberate manner, helping to see past the readily apparent.

 This manner of working also allows me to form a collaboration when photographing people. Whether the photograph is a created imagination, portrait or figure study; the permission and participation of those people photographed hopefully allows for an image that celebrates them.

 The final prints range from 19th century process printed on hand coated paper, to modern digital printing methods and photo constructions.

Chapel Hill native Bill McAllister has been creating and teaching photography for over 35 years. He loves building and altering cameras to make unique imagery of his travels and collaborations with people. He has taught at the Art Institute of Atlanta, Chowan College and the Art School in Carrboro. Bill was a fellow at the Michael Karolyi Memorial Institute in Vence, France, and is a longtime member of the Society for Photographic Education. Bill’s work has been exhibited at the Southeast Center for Photography, Green Hill Art Gallery, The Center for Fine Art Photography, the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Through This Lens, and the Horace William House. Publications include American Photographer Magazine, Shots Magazine, and the University of Texas Press. Works are in the permanent collection of GlaxoSmithKline.