Susan Filley


I work with porcelain, a wonderfully rich clay with beautiful surface qualities. It is defined by its extreme durability and distinctive smooth white color. I have been making pots for more than 30 years and I now work with both functional pots and other more sculptural forms. In all my work, I use glazes which exemplify the stunning depth and brilliance that is unique to high temperature porcelain. I integrate a calligraphic sense of line in the details of the surface, form and edges. Combining all these with my affinity toward form and detail, I am working to create a blend of sophistication, beauty and intimacy in my work.

I like a pot that tells its own story; I want to make pots that speak, meaning they have a strong visual and sensual impact, telling you what they are. It is that sometimes subtle way they suggest how to be used, the simple nuance of their form, the 'fit' of a beautiful cup in your hand. Or it can be a gestural attitude of form that brings the pot to life. I believe in the passion and love of making pots, I am always striving to make that ever elusive perfect >pot in the sky= that hits all the right chords in the right way. This doesn’t describe the pots that I make but is about the way that I work - the continuum of always making more pots and embracing new ideas. I strive to make pots that are beautiful and a pleasure to use, forms that are bold and well balanced, and always a body of work that brings grace and elegance into our lives.