Anita Wolfenden


I was weaving large tapestries for many years before I even thought of doing anything with paper.  I enjoyed the process of weaving and the slow work of building up a shape from the bottom up.  I always found the lines and the color intersections the most exciting and I have never felt the need for lots of colors.  I like to take a detail and blow it up: a corner of a leaf, the center of a tiny piece of moss, the small intricate pattern on a pebble.  I tend not to do anything realistic but gravitate to the structure of natural objects and also towards abstractions based on architecture of other formations.

Weaving for all those years I did learn a lot about how to break up a surface and compose a design and the same things I liked about weaving I now like about paper, although you have much more freedom with the paper.  Paper is the most versatile material.  You can draw and paint on it, but also sand it and wash it, pleat it, sew in it, glue things to it, make sculptural forms with it, play with shadows and lines and you can make changes in ways you never can if you weave a tapestry.

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