Workshops at FRANK Gallery

Spring/Summer Classes Hosted by FRANK Artists

Join FRANK ARtists as they teach a variety of classes all in their own specialized techniques. All skill levels are encouraged to attend.

stay tuned  as more classes will be announced shortly!

Encaustic Photography Workshop; Creating a Fine Art Heirloom Legacy Print


Get motivated to organize those old family photos from the garage and storage boxes, miscellaneous albums, and deteriorating plastic sheets! Get motivated to explore, preserve, distribute, and display your digital file collections and choose those special images for future printing, framing, or constructing additional safe backup storage.

 In this 2-part introductory series, students will have the opportunity to share and discuss selected family photographs from their personal family photo archives. We will discuss which ones are meaningful, salvageable, and what they represent for your legacy to future generations. We will provide additional resources for storage and preservation.

 Barbara will produce a scanned and “cleaned up” print from your collection. Mary will then introduce you to encaustic wax materials and techniques and show you how use encaustics to transform your print into fine art.

 Contact the artists or gallery for more information. Class limited to 6.

Fee: $165, Materials $30

When: Saturday 6/9/18 from 1-4pm and Sunday 6/10/18 from 1-4pm

Teachers: Mary Lamb and Barbara Tyroler

Where: at FRANK gallery

What to Bring: 10 carefully selected favorite family photographs from any time in your life! on paper or in a family album, flash drive, iPad, other electronic device or fully charged laptop.



Mary Stone Lamb and Barbara Tyroler are two acclaimed local artists as well as FRANK Gallery members. Mary is a very talented hyper-realistic, encaustic and mixed media artist and Barbara is an innovative photographer who specializes in many techniques from portraits to layered multimedia collaborations and collages. All experience levels are encouraged to attend, no prior knowledge required. Techniques will be reviewed as needed in each session, and will be expanded upon for repeat participants.

All funds raised from these workshops support this program, and FRANK Gallery, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.