Warren Hicks


Warren Hicks was born and raised in Chickasha, Oklahoma and studied Architectural Design at Oklahoma State University. Prior to graduation, he moved to Miami, Florida to explore opportunities within the music industry. After twelve years, Hicks briefly returned to architectural drafting and eventually landed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Still searching for the perfect creative outlet, he began painting in 2002.  

Hicks’ artistic evolution has been as unique as his personal revolution. Self-taught, his experiences in the music industry and architectural drafting enrich his paintings with melodic imagery, striking colors and precise execution.

Constant experimentation energizes Hicks with new ideas in visual art, as well as in his writings and wordplay. He has morphed through a progression of styles and influences - embracing, digesting, and discarding - always in search of the next challenge.

This seemingly random hybridization of styles could go on productively for quite some time, it appears.  Kandinsky, Arp, Miro, Braque, Klee - pureed in Hicks' aesthetic, eclectic blender only to come out as - well - a Hicks original.

His new painting series, Scents of Humor, is a departure from his previous work, both in scale and technique. The larger format allows him to be more expressive in his execution and less obsessed with precision, though his palette of brilliant colors remains fully intact.

“Hicks is not hesitant about using big canvases and bright colors. He fills his abstract paintings with forms that look like jig saw puzzle pieces or winsome creatures. The more you try to pin them down, the more they seem to pop in and out of view. Hicks is having a wonderful time. He calls this series “Scents of Humor” and has labeled my favorite painting “This Had a Great Title but I forgot it.” – Blue Greenberg, the Durham Herald-Sun.

Hicks’ work has been shown throughout the U.S. as well as China and Macedonia. He currently lives in Chapel Hill and works in his studio at Golden Belt in downtown Durham, NC.