Exhibits and Events at FRANK 

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October/November Exhibit

Featuring Peter Filene and Bill McAllister

October 8th-November 10th

Opening Reception: Friday, October 11th 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, October 26th 10-11am

The months of October/November will be celebrating the work of accomplished FRANK members and photographers, Peter Filene and Bill McAllister. Both artists approach the medium of photography in their own highly skilled and creative way.

On exhibit by Peter Filene will be his latest series in photocollage as well as his double-exposure photography.  Photocollage is a technique whereby the artist tears up his photographs and assembles the pieces together in order to take a new photograph. This in turn gives his imagery a new life as well as a striking and imaginative result.
For his double-exposure on film photographs, Peter first takes a photo in an urban landscape or in a museum setting. He then cocks the shutter without advancing the film, and takes another photo of a subject that he hopes will harmonize with the first. The effect is a masterful, painterly image, one not easily replicated, which Peter eloquently describes as “a marriage of intention and chance.”

Bill McAllister’s work for this fall exhibit is a series of Cyanotype photographs. In images taken with an underwater camera, Bill explores how the reflection and refraction of light in water interplays with and abstracts the floating human figure. Printing these shots in the Cyanotype process enhances an ethereal and otherworldly feeling of his underwater work, making the printing process integral to the imagery itself. 

We hope that you can visit the gallery during this exceptional show and for the opening reception on October 11th and the Artist Talk led by Peter Filene and Bill McAllister on October 26th.

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August/September Exhibit

featuring katherine armacost, Nikki blair, natalie boorman, Marguerite jay gignoux, linda prager & carol retsch-bogart

show will run from august 6th-october 5th

reception: friday, august 9th, 6-8pm

music salon: Sunday, september 8th, 6-7pm

artist talk: thursday, SEPTEMBER 12th, 6-8pm

The months of August and September will be a celebration of a diverse and extremely talented group of females artists entitled 6@FRANK. This exciting exhibit will showcase paintings by member artists and ceramicists Natalie Boorman and Linda Prager, guest ceramic artist Nikki Blair, mixed media work by member Carol Retsch-Bogart, paintings by Katherine Armacost and textile work by Marguerite Jay Gignoux.

Please join us on Friday, August 9th 6-8pm for the opening of "6 @ FRANK" the new exhibit for August/September. Live music by Red Nucleus! Refreshments will be provided. Event is free. As a special treat, on Sunday, September 8th, the group “Sail Away Ladies” made up of Linda Prager and her musical partners, Irene Felsman and Mitzi Quint will be putting on a musical salon from 6-7pm. The artist talk will be on Thursday, September 12th, from 6-8pm. We hope to see you all for one or all of these events!

Katherine Armacost’s oil paintings are inspired by the world around her, letting her imagination and her creativity take the lead, Katherine has a dialogue with her paintings that often end in a different way then they have begun. Having her work in private collections all over the world is a true testament to the universality of her incredible work.

Nikki Blair is currently an Associate Professor in Ceramics at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her ceramic work is bold and graphic, often working with a slab technique in building her pieces, she creates large scale vessels that are functional and fantastical. In describing her aesthetic she says, “my work harks back to the shiny bright futurism of post WWII architecture and product design.” Nikki has had her work displayed in museums and galleries across the country.

Hand building her work through the pinch pot method, Natalie Boorman, forms clay as almost a meditative experience, taking each step of the process as a way to build a relationship with her vessels. Natalie then finishes her pots with burnishings, bisque firing, raku and pit firing. The added smokiness of the final product returns the story of the clay back to a new beautiful organic form.

Having a multitude of talents and media to her name, Marguerite Jay Gignoux, the current work of Marguerite (Peg) really showcases the creativity she has with textile and fiber art. Using the textures, shapes and colors from fabrics and paper to form the base of her work, through collage she then brings it all together with intricate hand stitching and weaving to create intensely beautiful and imaginative works.

While also being talented in many different arenas and artistic media, Linda Prager’s ceramic work will be highlighted in the August/September show. Handbuilding and working often with the slab technique, Linda is constantly inspired by the use of objects around her to create interesting and dynamic textures in her clay. The pieces she creates are both architectural and organic in form and design. Linda calls her pieces functional vessels, and she uses layers of colors and textures to enhance their shapes, and also to draw the viewers' eyes into the surface.

Carol Retsch-Bogart is always challenging herself as an artist; Carol often uses textiles, encaustic medium, paper, and pigments to create her stunning mixed-media pieces.Instead of making the materials conform to her work, Carol works with the materials and makes them truly shine. Marrying originality and purpose, Carol’s finished pieces are always alluring and unique.


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June/July Exhibit

featuring Berkeley grimball, jim lux, jim oleson, mary stone lamb and phillip welch

show will run from june 11th-august 3rd

reception: friday, june 14th, 6-8pm

artist talk: July 12th, 6-8pm

The June/July Exhibition at FRANK will be highlighting the work of member artists Mary Stone Lamb and Jim Oleson as well as guest artists Berkeley Grimball, Jim Lux, and Phillip Welch. This diverse exhibit will showcase the art of the five talented artists and their mediums of encaustic wax, wood, ceramic, and jewelry.

Having a background representing a multitude of artistic styles, Mary Stone Lamb is currently working with the encaustic wax medium. Through encaustics Lamb is able to create beautiful, abstract pieces with rich textures and a structural quality. Rather than trying to fight the nature of encaustic wax, Lamb has perfected working with the medium to create sumptuous, textural pieces which encapsulate a type of depth often not found with other mediums.

With a brilliant body of work in functional wood furniture, Jim Oleson has more recently taken the design quality of his furniture and implemented it into creating remarkable sculptures. A commonality with all of Oleson’s work is his exceptional designs and his incredibly high level of craftsmanship. We are thrilled to be presenting his newest designs for this highly anticipated exhibit.

Berkeley Grimball, owner of Grimball Jewelers a Chapel Hill institution, will be showcasing his beautifully handcrafted and inventive jewelry. Drawing on his long career as a designer, jewelry maker, as well as his background as a musician, Grimball uses parts of instruments to create exceptional and finely crafted pieces of wearable art. 

With a unique process combining time tested techniques and his own personal methods, Jim Lux creates beautiful pieces of pottery with distinctive finishes.  Building his pieces with coils of clay pinched together and then expertly smoothed and finished by hand, Lux then fires his pieces in an electric kiln followed by covering his pieces in organic material and lit on fire. This interesting process creates fascinating surface textures which are made even the more fascinating when finished with wax and metallic powders.

Believing that form and function are inseparable, Phillip Welch creates “art as furniture.” With precision, individuality and utility, Welch builds pieces that stand the test of time but with a unique twist. For the first time showing at FRANK gallery, please help us in celebrating his work.

 We look forward to sharing this exciting exhibit with the public and hope to see you at the opening reception on June 14th, from 6-8pm and Artist Talk on July 12th, from 6-8pm.

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April/May Exhibit

featuring keith allen, ben hamburger, kaidy lewis and carolyn rugen

show will run from APril 9th-June 8th

reception: friday, april 12th, 6-8pm

artist talk: Friday, may 10th, 6-8pm

Starting on April 9th FRANK gallery will have an exhibit featuring the work of Keith Allen, Ben Hamburger, Kaidy Lewis and Carolyn Rugen. This exciting, colorful exhibit will showcase the differences in technique and nuanced approach to their mediums these artists share and will make up a beautifully curated show celebrating landscape, the abstract and woodworking.

Creating works of functional furniture art, self-taught Keith Allen really gives detailed attention to the subtleties in the wood and highlights the natural elements of his chosen material. His striking pieces often use butterfly joints inspired by George Nakashima and he brings out the beautiful grain in his wood work by using geometric and brightly colored features drawing inspiration from Gerrit Rietveld. Painter Ben Hamburger combines his passion for social engagement and the ever-changing world around us with the visual arts to represent a diverse range of subject matter. No matter what his subject, all his paintings share his fluid brush strokes and captivating color palette as will be seen with his plein air landscapes in April. One of FRANK’s newest members painter, Kaidy Lewis, draws inspiration from the world around her to create vivid, colorful interpretations of her subject matter. Often times, Kaidy simply hints at the objects she is representing to allow the viewer to make their own distinctions, but she does so with skill and interjecting bits of humor. With effortlessness and sophistication, Carolyn Rugen, paints her perception of the living world around her. Capturing landscapes and still life’s in the abstract she allows her viewer to interpret her beautifully rendered light filled imagery how they see giving significance to the seemingly every day.

Please join us on Friday, April 12th from 6-8pm to celebrate the work of these four talented artists with an opening reception with live music by Griffanzo. Refreshments will be provided. Also, on Friday, May 12th from 6-8pm the artists of the April/May Exhibit will be giving a talk about their techniques and the work from their current collection, light refreshments will be provided.

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Color and Light

featuring peg Bachenheimer, sasha Bakaric, susan filley & Sudie rakusin

show will run from February 5th-April 6th

reception: friday, february 8th, 6-8pm

artist talk: Friday, march 8th, 6-8pm

Beginning on February 5th we will be showcasing the work of four FRANK artists in a new exhibit entitled, “Color and Light.” Ceramicists Sasha Bakaric and Susan Filley join painter Peg Bachenheimer and mixed media artist Sudie Rakusin for an inspiring show. Though all of the artists approach their medium in a creative and expertly executed way they all exemplify the theme of the exhibit uniquely.

Working in porcelain, Susan Filley creates exquisite functional and sculptural pieces that give the viewer insight to the delicate and complex nature of glazes and porcelain work. Inspired by cells and microbiology, Sasha Bakaric typically works with white stoneware coated with terra sigillata to create interesting surfaces, always challenging her technique and creative sensibilities her new work is guaranteed to be distinctively unique. Sudie Rakusin is a visual artist, sculptor, illustrator, and children's book author, and though excelling in so many different disciplines, it is Sudie’s harmonious and emotive approach to her figurative and abstract paintings and sculptures that will be highlighted in the show. The use of color and texture in Peg Bachenheimer’s graceful and beautiful paintings is ever evolving, however, the constant in her abstract and landscape pieces is the ease in which she delivers a gloriously light filled finished piece.

Please join us on Friday, February 8th from 6-8pm to celebrate the work of these four talented artists with an opening reception for Color and Light with music by Griffanzo. Refreshments will be provided. Also, on Friday, March 8th from 6-8pm the artists of Color and Light will be giving a talk about their techniques and the work from their current collection, light refreshments will be provided.

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December/January Exhibit

featuring Peter filene & Barbara Tyroler

show will run from December 11th-February 2nd

We will be opening our doors on December 11th with a new exhibition featuring the work of FRANK member artists Peter Filene and Barbara Tyroler. Though both artists are photographers, each works with their medium to represent their subjects in a distinctive and painterly way.

Join us on December 15th from 5-6pm for a reading with authors Samia Serageldin and Lee Smith from their upcoming anthology Mothers & Strangers, in collaboration with portraiture from the photographic exhibition Mothers, Daughter, and the Writing Life. Following the reading will be the opening reception from 6-9pm for Peter Filene and Barbara Tyroler. The band Red Nucleus will be performing and refreshments will be provided.

On January 19th from 2:30-4pm we will be having a dramatic reading and discussion lead by historian and photographer Peter Filene one of our featured artists for January. Peter recently wrote and published "Striving Fathers, Troubled Sons" which "dramatizes the history of manhood-making in America through the intimate narratives of seven families: the Adamses; the Rockefellers; Woodrow Wilson and his father; journalist Lincoln Steffens and his son; painters N.C. and Andrew Wyeth; literary critic Alfred Kazin and his immigrant father; and writer James Baldwin and his two fathers."

Barbara Tyroler will also be present to discuss her collection of portraiture of authors in collaboration with the upcoming anthology "Mothers & Strangers." Light refreshments will be provided.

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Click on the button below to be redirected to Amazon to purchase a copy of Peter Filene’s book!

2018 Events & Exhibits

Holiday Pop-Up Market

December 8th from 1-6pm

On December 8th from 1-6pm FRANK Gallery will be hosting a Holiday Pop-Up Market! Along with all your favorite FRANK artists we will also be having new guests show with us including; Apt. N Coffee bar, Peppertrain Jewelry, Julie Olson Ceramics, Sweet Little Something Bakery, Ara Leigh Jewelry, Ornaments and Jewelry by ceramicist Evelyn Ward and more!

November Exhibit

featuring Michele Maynard & Nerys Levy

show will run from October 9th-december 8th

Opening Reception October 13th 6-9pm and Artist Talk November 9th 6pm

October/November will feature the work of FRANK member artists Nerys Levy and Michele Maynard. Mainly painting en plein air, Nerys uses the outside world as direct inspiration for her evocative and impressionistic work. Her latest collection uses a trip to the Antarctic as a focus of her work while also informing on the ever evolving effects of climate change on the earth. Michele’s energetic and colorful figurative and abstract work takes cue from the vibrancy and emotion of color and shapes. Her current collection is a true representation of the creative work she does with both paint and fabric elements drawing inspiration from all facets of life.

Please join us on Saturday October 13th from 6-9pm for the opening reception of this show!

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FRANK/UNC Cancer Care Art Supply Donation Collection

FRANK is collecting new art supplies for the UNC Cancer Care, please bring any new supplies in the categories above to FRANK and we will be donating them to UNC. You have until December 30th to drop off anything you would like to donate! Thank you for your support with this annual partnership and thank you to UNC Health Care for all that you do!

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August/September Exhibit

   Show will run from August 7th-october 7th

    Opening Reception August 11th 6-9pm and Artist Talk September 28th 6pm


With their own distinctive interpretations of the natural world, FRANK apprentice artist Austin Cathey and member artists, Shelly Hehenberger and Luna Lee Ray approach their art with variances of mixed media. Using actual or implied texture each artist evokes emotion through their singular and collaborative pieces. Also, for the first time at FRANK, sculptor Tripp Jarvis will be showcasing his metal sculptures! 

Please join us for the opening reception of "Convergence" their August/September exhibit in the gallery on August 11th from 6-9pm.

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June/July Exhibit 

July 13th Artist talk from 6pm-8Pm

                                    Show will run from June 5th-August 5th

June and July will be featuring the woodworking of Keith Allen, paintings of Carroll Lassiter, ceramics of Linda Prager and the photography of John Rosenthal. Their talents come together in a beautiful and unique show at FRANK.

One of the featured artists will be doing a talk, discussing their work at FRANK on the next second Friday, July 13th from 6-8pm.


May/June Mixed Media & Photography Exhibit

April 6th Opening Reception from 6pm-9Pm

                                       Show will run from April 3rd-june 2nd

April and May will be a celebration of mixed media and photography featuring mixed media artist Carol Retsch-Bogart and photographers; Bill McAllister and Sam Wang. The three artists unite their unique processes to create an inspired and original exhibition showcasing their beautiful work.

Please join us for a reception of the work of these talented artists on April 6th from 6-9pm. Light food and drinks will be served and as always all the artists of FRANK and especially the highlighted artists will be at the gallery to talk about their interesting processes and magnificant wroks. 

As of June 2nd the show has ended, but to see some of Carol's work from this show, please visit the Siena Hotel at 1505 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 to see her work in their lobby and in their  restaurant Il Palio. 

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Orange County Artists Guild 

                                 SPRING SUBLIME SHOW 

                                                      Opening Reception May 11, 2018 6-9pm

                                                        Dates of Exhibit: May 11th-June 10th 

Members of the Orange County Artists Guild (OCAG) will be having an exhibit of 37 of their member artists which will be held in the Michael and Laura Brader-Araje Outreach Gallery (on the Southern Seasons end of University Place). The Spring Show will be highlighting the work of local professional artists representing a wide array of mediums.  The opening show will be on May 11th from 6-9pm, it will be free to attend and refreshments will be provided.  Visit OCAG's website to learn more about the many incredibly talented artists they feature; http://ocagnc.org/artists/

Also, in the main gallery (closer to Silverspot) FRANK will be hosting an artist talk, showcasing the innovative photography of Bill McAllister. Mingle with the FRANK crowd and then head on over to the OCAG opening! Light refreshments will be provided.