See Chapel Hill Through a Different Lens

Due to the rain, we are extending triangular into tomorrow!

If you didn't make it out today please feel free to grab the clues and head to Downtown Chapel Hill on Sunday October 11th to share your triangles!
Make sure you are posting with #FRANKtriangles so we can check them out!

Printed copies can be picked up at FRANK


Grab your friends, your cell phones, open your camera apps, and get ready!

TRIANGULAR is a photo scavenger hunt in Downtown Chapel Hill for anyone and everyone! Tell your mailman, your grocer, and your professor. Come ready to traverse the downtown, track down clues, and snap photos based on a series of clues from FRANK gallery.

This photo scavenger hunt will highlight the triangle, a shape that carries many meanings. It symbolizes strength, harmony, unity, and balance. It appears in the world everywhere, both in nature and by design. Inspired by the annual Click! Triangle Photography Festival, this hunt is about finding triangles or using creative methods to make your own.  

The best thing about this scavenger hunt is you don’t need a fancy camera or a trained photographer’s eye. All you need is a phone and an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account. It’s all about experimenting with photography and exploring the way it can bring us together. In the end, all the photos from the day will be virtually collected and displayed online.

Bring your friends, family, and a camera, be open to new ways of seeing, and leave the rest to the hunt. This program is free and open to all.