Sheila Stillman

Sheila was born in New York City, where she attended Hunter College and earned a degree in anthropology. Her interest in art and foreign cultures led to travel in Europe, North Africa and the Caribbean. For 20 years she lived in the Virgin Islands where she apprenticed with a master European goldsmith. There she discovered her love of working with high karat gold and fine gemstones, and continues to pursue this passion. After moving back to the States Sheila expanded upon her fabrication skills to include granulation, an ancient technique with a 5,000 year history dating back to Greece, Mesopotamia and Egypt. Pattern and texture are created by delicately fusing tiny granules to the surface of the metal, requiring meticulous concentration and attention to detail. Sheila currently works out of her studio in Durham, NC. She shows in select galleries and teaches granulation workshops throughout the Southeast. Her jewelry uniquely synthesizes ancient and contemporary craftsmanship and design in 22kt and 18kt gold, Argentium silver and gemstones.

Artist Statement
For as long as I can remember, I have always been making things with my hands and have been fascinated with the small, refined and intricate. Discovering jewelry and metalsmithing as a way to express my creativity became a passion that has never diminished and continues to grow. My inspiration is in the finest, most enduring materials nature provides -- precious metal and gemstones. Fine gems take the magic of color and light and concentrate them in a way that takes on a life of its own. With distinctive design and meticulous craftsmanship I work to reveal the essential beauty of the materials I use and enhance the beauty of the wearer. Throughout history jewelry has represented special moments and expressed emotions, in addition to its importance as personal adornment. This unique quality of jewelry as an art form gives deeper meaning to my work. I love knowing that I get to share in the creation of lasting personal treasures.