Rosie Thompson


My Multicultural Ancestry and Heritage inform my art work: ... "process" involves the balancing, fusing, and mixing of dissimilar materials,.... "content" investigates balancing contrasting energies to arrive at  harmonious equilibrium,... "form"  emerges as both quirky and beautiful... I this work I celebrate a union of the diverse to arrive at an understanding of both personal and universal "oneness". 


Rosie’s varied media works take the form of large scale site-specific installations, smaller more intimate constructions, and drawing/collage dealing with the spatial realm that gives way to the sculptural shamanistic forms.

Rosie has exhibited in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Alabama, Louisiana, Washington, DC, Texas, Berne Switzerland, and New York City. Her traveling exhibitions have been in Europe and the USA. Her lectures and workshops have been in Europe and the USA. Her lectures have been in the USA, Tokyo, Japan, Aarau, Switzerland, and Mexico City, Mexico. Her works are represented in SOHO 20  Chelsea Gallery, NYC.

Rosie’s grants and fellowships include North Carolina Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts Project Grants and Visual Artist Fellowship Grants, Pittsburgh Foundation, A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust Fund Visiting Artist Grant, Lily Endowment Grant, Colorado Springs, and Kansas Arts council Visiting Artist Grants.

Among the publications that include Rosie’s Works are: This Way Day Break Comes, A. Cheatham and M.C. Powell: Contemporary American Women Sculptors, Virginia Watson Jones; The Village Voice, Washington City Paper, Dialogue: Arts in the Midwest, Artspeak, New Art Examiner, Arts Journal, Washington Review, International Sculpture, and numerous catalogues.

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