Artist Statement

 My work is best described as a very specific form of documentary. I am constructing a body of work that depicts and interprets the complex interactions between our objects, our interiors, and our environments.

Why do we collect the objects that we do?, and what do they say about us?—intriguing questions in their own right. But our objects are not just isolated insights into people whom we know and value. They combine in complex ways to create our interior spaces. I am repeatedly drawn to depicting and interpreting variations in this often unnoticed but deeply constitutive interaction. So even though people are seldom directly depicted in my work they are always present within it. 

Rachel Campbell is originally from New Zealand, and has been living here in the USA since 2003.

She studied art in both New Zealand and Canada, and has also spent time living and exhibiting in the UK and Germany.

Rachel also exhibits with Tyndall Gallery, Craven Allen Gallery, and other regional galleries in group shows.

Her work is in private and public collections in over a dozen countries.


ph. 9989074 studio visits by appointment

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