Paul Hrusovsky

Artist Statement

My first strong memories of images came from art books I checked out from the public library over and over again.  One particular series of books contained many stylized images outlined with a thick black line.  I would spend hours drawing and tracing the patterns often times turning them into faux stained glass with colored tissue paper glued between black construction paper.  These books as well as school workbooks influenced my forty years of art work.

After I became old enough to peruse the art shelves by myself, I discovered a whole new world through art.  Matisse and Picasso were my favorite artists because they often used strong lines to delineate shapes and forms; I studied their works and copied their styles.

Later, when I became a teacher, I was drawn to my students’ spontaneous, bold imagery.  Young children draw simply with strong lines often dictated by the materials they use.  I had a fascination with watching them work and develop an art vocabulary.  I enjoyed the years I worked with children because I was always a part of their wonder, their exploration of themselves and their world.

When I was creating this body of work, I thought about my early contact with books, my childhood art, my family and the impact they had encouraging me to create.  I feel in these works, I have returned to a simple safe place I knew as a kid.  These works are inspired by hikes and walks that I have taken locally and the shards of rocks and the bits of natural matter I pick up and collect.