Mary Lamb

I try to connect with others through my art by sparking a sensuous reaction from the viewer. Currently I’m working in encaustics, a wax medium, because of its visceral appeal, both visual and tactile, with a focus on color, texture and pattern.

Encaustics can produce rich textures with a sculptural quality or they can be scraped into flat planes that also suggest depth. Graphics or other ephemera can be incorporated into or applied to the surface, further enriching the visual appeal.

Encaustics also accept pigment beautifully, producing rich, vibrant colors. Built-up layers of color, either transparent or opaque, create a sense of depth and/or volume.

Encaustics carry their own inherent possibilities and challenges. Bees’ wax is used in encaustic paints as a carrier for pigment rather than the oil or water found in other more benign media. While the painter essentially controls oil, acrylic or water based paints, wax brings its own strong personality to the process. The painter has to accept and exploit its demands and limitations while the painting evolves through manipulation of those constraints. Thus, the painting process becomes a collaborative effort, with wax and the painter as equal partners.