Artist Statement

London and the greater surrounding area is where she studied and worked. Although fond of cities, modern architecture and culture, she is at home in the country. Outside and in solitude after immersion with people is where her ideas are consolidated.

Her life experiences and education, she believes, has allowed her paintings to merge art and science in a kind of ecology.  The paintings are a subjective and honest visceral event captured into a still frame of time. They deal with the relations of organisms to one another and to the physical surroundings.      

Color is applied to mimic emotion, rhythm and patterns in nature and act as a backdrop to female insights about living.  Painting is as natural to Kaidy as breathing and why she uses all mediums: pastel, acrylic, graphite and oils depending on what feels appropriate to interpret the theme. The concept will sit cerebrally for days or weeks.  There is no over thinking more of a musing of ideas that are coming together. Maybe current news, an inanimate object of interest or a bird. In the process, interconnection arises, and the artist conveys memes through brush marks.

Sometimes objects are only hinted at:

“I like to think I am creating serious art that at times is oblique, but pierced with shafts of humour.  I want to pack the sacred and the best elements of humanity into a joyous image”

Artist Bio

Kaidy Lewis was born in Hertfordshire, U.K.  She attended art college in St. Albans and was accepted into Chelsea College of Art , London. The university of life sent Kaidy on a journey to become a trained nurse. She specialised in chronic disease management and health psychology. Finally working in clinical development for the National Health Service.   After the birth of two children she attended a Business Start Up course for women by Greenwich University and set up as a self employed artist working to commission regularly. In parallel she designed and taught creativity workshops aimed at boosting confidence and health. Her paintings and portraits are owned internationally, privately and commercially.

The opportunity arose to lead a social enterprise and art center for adults with learning difficulties in 2013. This proved to be a very fulfilling experience.

Throughout this time Kaidy continued to paint for herself and developed her original art practice. The artist exhibited in art shows in the south east of England.  Selected as an emerging artist by Pure Arts Group and featured artist in the Pilgrims Artist show, Kent in 2016. Towards the end of 2016 Kaidy moved to Chapel Hill.

Kaidy joined the Orange County Artist Guild here in 2017, selling originals through the Open Tour and prints and cards in the gift shop, “Womancraft.”  She has also taught at The Artscenter in Carrboro.

This year she is a chosen artist and will exhibit  at The Block Gallery located in the Raleigh Municipal Building.