Henry Fantazos


I grew up in Poland and received Master's Degree from Painting Faculty of Fine Arts Academy in Kraków, Poland. In 1975 I asked for political asylum in USA and soon obtained American citizenship. For the last three decades I reside in N.C.

I have been organizing my shows and participated in almost unending number of exhibitions around art-collecting world.

My art has three sources: reality, Quattrocento and poetical inspirations

Reality: however outlandish some of my imagery might at times be, every speck of its territory is built by loving, attentive observations of the holy tabernacle of reality. Quattrocento: every artistic effort has some ancestry and I decided when I was about eighteen that "modern art" is pointing away from culture I admire and wish, in my boldest ambition to be a part of it.

Poetical Inspirations: daydreaming, catching uninvited visions and offering metaphorical views in paintings and engravings, as if they were painted poems.






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