Help FRANK Go Green!

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FRANK is on a mission to Go Green! Our first step is to replace our 200 energy guzzling halogen bulbs with clean, green LEDs. The perks of doing so has both cost and environmental benefits.

The cost and wattage consumption of the LED is roughly 10% of its halogen counterpart - but it does all the work, and better! 

The LEDs can also last 6 times longer than halogens, meaning fewer replaced bulbs and less waste piling up. 

And if you needed any other reasons, the funds saved from our monthly energy bill can be put towards all of your favorite programs at FRANK! 

We hope to keep moving towards our goal of creating a smaller carbon footprint at FRANK. With a price of $20 per bulb, we need your help to get there. Your tax deductible donations made through this page will go directly to support our green initiative.


Green Supporters
(# of bulbs):

Anonymous (12)
Peg Bachenheimer (2)
Clarke Barry (1)
Jay Faison (1)
William Gale (2)
Amanda Hughes (1)
Gordon Jameson (5)
Elaine Kearns (2.5)
Lucartha Kohler (1)
Suzanne Krill (1)
Linda Prager (2)
Katharine Reid (25)
Benjamin Sackmary (2)
Nona Saling (1)