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An Evening of Poetry with Ricky Garni

Ricky Garni grew up in the odd era (ca 1950's late through '60's) when aliens just seemed like goodness and you could see this goodness on fuzzy black and white TVs upstairs in the guest room while Mom and Dad enjoyed a pleasant highball and a nice chat. This goodness and this goodness alone (well, with a tiny bit of badness, as with a highball) is what he strives for in the poems contained herein: lighter than air, crisp and refreshing, salty and snacky, but gravitas-y with meaning and good cheer and and the irregular jolt and the occasional wacky with a thought that is not always passing and when it isn’t it sticks to your brain or heart like a hunk of Cracker Jack.

(Note: the author has dedicated this book to the Billboard Top Hundred Songs of 1971: listing included herein. In such a year as this, even #100 is a keeper.)