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Opening Reception: View from the Edge, Paintings by Carroll Lassiter

Carroll Lassiter’s landscapes explore the open spaces and rural scenery of Central and Eastern North Carolina, capturing the charm that can be found on back highways and farmland belonging to past generations. With so much scrutiny and tension mounting around our state as politics and strong partisan views hold strong to our attention this season, it is easy to forget the incredible beauty, rich agricultural history, and cultural significance that North Carolina possesses.

Lassiter has created a series that include both small studies and large scale paintings. Within these, she beautifully captures the awe inspiring views of our landscape. Those perfect moments when the sun catches the mist in the early morning, the grey clouds that delicately expose the cold bareness of the winter landscape, and the lush greens that envelope the earth throughout the warmer months. In her larger pieces, she creates towering clouds against Carolina blue skies that define the vastness of the spaces; the smaller works are carefully scaled to create the illusion of expanse.  

 Traveling frequently to the coast from her home near Carrboro, North Carolina, Lassiter is always equipped with a camera and sketchbook so she can pause to document the scenery on a moment’s notice. Frequenting the same routes, she finds transformations continuously occur as the result of weather, seasons, and even the time of day, allowing her to capture a variety of moods within her paintings.