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A Special Evening with Clyde Edgerton & John Rosenthal

A photographer and a novelist walk into an art gallery and . . . you’ll never guess what happens. They cross genre lines to collaborate on an exhibit.

John Rosenthal has been a friend of Clyde Edgerton’s for 30 years, ever since he enjoyed Edgerton’s debut novel, Raney. Now he is showing at FRANK Gallery his series of images of people in museums.

On the same walls, Edgerton displays his paintings of Rosenthal’s photographs. “Many of John’s photos have special meaning to me,” Edgerton says, “especially the ones that hint at stories just beyond the frame.” This pair of versatile artists have blended photographs, paintings, and stories into an eye-catching, mind-stimulating event.

Rosenthal has been a renowned North Carolina photographer for forty years and a former NPR commentator. He has published two books, one about Manhattan and the other about post-Katrina New Orleans. Edgerton, one of North Carolina’s most acclaimed writers, has published ten novels and two books of non-fiction, and in 2015, was the recipient of the prestigious Thomas Wolfe Prize.

At a special event on Thursday, October 6, at 6 p.m. at Frank Gallery they will collaborate with former Red Clay Rambler, Mike Craver, presenting stories, artwork, and music.