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Morphology and the Biomorphic Impluse Opening Reception


Harriet Bellows
Mark Elliott
Bill McAllister

“Biomorphism” or “biomorphic” abstraction is a term that describes a form of abstraction which employs rounded forms such as those found in nature. Well-known artists whose work employed this type of abstraction include, Wassily Kandinsky, Constantin Brancusi, Jean Arp, and Henry Moore to name a few. Mark Elliott, a sculptor and a featured artist in Morphology and the Biomorphic Impulse, delights in this form of expression because of its strong connection to the unconscious, not only in the creative process but in the viewing as well. He has teamed up with abstract painter, Harriet Bellows, and photographer, Bill McAllister, all three sharing aesthetic qualities and working with form, color, and line in various ways.