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Under the Tree
Episode I: 20 Kilometers to Birth

 Bernard Mukisa has been lucky his whole life. There was always a helping hand when he needed it, and he’s finally found himself in a position to pay it forward. He and his family have built the Suubi Health Center for Budondo, Uganda and the surrounding villages; the first one locally for 26,000+ people. To provide the funds they need to support Suubi Health Center, they have started growing passion fruit, an agriculturally sustainable crop.

About Ryan LeCluyse

To produce Under the Tree, Ryan LeCluyse partnered with the non-profit Mama Hope and spent three and a half months traveling between Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. He lived and worked with the families and entrepreneurs responsible for the schools, hospitals, community gardens, and other community projects. This interactive mini documentary is the culmination of the photography, films, writing, and design from his experience.