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Edge of White: Five Artists Explore the Perimeters, Opening Reception

Friday, March 13, Meet the Artists Reception
Katherine Armacost, Marguerite Gignoux, Sandy Milroy,
Barbara Tyroler, Anita Wolfenden

Reception will feature musical performance with Red Nucleus

Five professional women artists: paper, paint, glue, camera, canvas, scissors, thread; exploring the edges of white. Edge of White explores abstraction through the eyes of these artists using photography, paper collage, paper sculpture, painting, and multimedia. The use of “edge” is represented as a spatial concept, an opportunity to consider line, shape, or border. Some artists expand beyond the rim of the frame with work that spills over onto the floor, suspended from the ceiling; while others have chosen to trap or bind their work within the edges of the enclosed frame.

Each artist addresses the use of white as a stimulus to explore color, reflection, shadow, and design. White may dominate the composition or present itself as a quiet formal gesture within the overall arrangement.