Elaine O'Neil

Artist Website


My artistic process begins with the simple, pure memories of my childhood. I strive to conjure up the essence of those good times and capture them through whimsy and color, stitching them together with a sense of humor and delight. I call the finished result, "textile collage."

I began sewing as a girl, winning 4-H contests and making all of my clothes. In college, I designed fabrics, enjoying the created effect of color and texture combinations. Later, while a stay-at-home mom with our three young sons, I began creating "scenes" and portraits of a family boat ride, a cow farm, or a seaside picnic. When a gallery noticed and responded to the scenes, my art career was launched.

I approach each textile collage with a simple sketch. Then through snips and cuts, my scissors, like a painter’s brush, slowly reveal the image. Layer upon layer of fabric, stitched into place using a variety of colors and textures, brings the piece to life. A sideways glance and smile, a crescent moon, and a certain quirkiness are signatures of my work. In each piece I create, my hope is to evoke the kind of pleasure and delight of childhood, when life is simple, sweet, and full of endless possibilities. Images of home, pets, and family gatherings are my most often requested commissions; I feel fortunate to be a part of those good moments and special occasions.