Thank you to all who attended and made this a spectacular evening!

Enjoy an evening guaranteed to cool you down during summer’s heat with drinks, food, Latin music, and tango dancers. All of this in an atmosphere of diverse art, with some of your best friends (who you can invite too!) and welcoming artists from FRANK’s award winning Gallery.


About John Singletary

John Singletary began dancing the tango ten years ago and has since danced around the world- from Argentina to Italy to Spain, France, Singapore, and across the United States. Following his heart, he has adapted this type of dance into a lifestyle: improvisational, meaningful, exciting, and intimate. He is a beloved tango teacher and believes that the absence of percussion in tango leaves a lot of the dance’s movements open to interpretation. For John, tango is beautiful. He dances with many different partners and has yet to announce his FRANK partner. As a profession, John has been a chef for over twenty years and has been part of many successful food ventures.

About Rachael Scheinman

Rachael Scheinman has been able to apply her 20 years of figure skating precision and artistry to her new passion in the dance of Argentine tango. Using the bold athleticism of figure skating as a foundation, she focuses on the extreme level of precision and subtle nuances that are essential to tango. She believes her connections with her dance partners are heartwarming and life-affirming.

Rachael has roots locally, nationally and across the pond in Greece.  Many of her creative interests are shaped by her years attending Carolina Friends’ School, and the time spent overseas has given her a greater appreciation of experiencing and exploring global culture in many ways.  Her career with an international trading company allows her to travel to many parts of the world, often finding time to pursue her new passion – tango!


About Billy Stewart

Billy Stewart was born in Sanford, North Carolina and has been playing guitar since he was eight years old. He was self-taught until be entered the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a first-year music major. There he commenced studies in guitar and composition. Upon receiving his degree in music, he extended his studies of the guitar by attending Master Classes with classical guitarist Pepe Romero and with jazz artists Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie. Billy has been a member of the Music Department as Adjunct Faculty (guitar instructor) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill since his graduation in 1975. He has given professional concerts and performances in North Carolina in such various settings as the North Carolina Museum of Art, The Biltmore House and the Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh.