Michael Brown's Franklin Street Murals - "Parade of Humanity"

Artist of the Day - Michael Brown

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of AotD: today's artist is Michael Brown, a mural painter and local artist. Today we'll take a look at one of his murals, entitled "Parade of Humanity", which is a staple of the Franklin Street experience for many students and visitors alike. Feel free to look over this Wikipedia article for information about local murals, including those by other artists.

"Parade of Humanity" (1997)

The blog On Franklin & Main has a great post about this particular mural. "Parade of Humanity" features "Brown's friends and local curiosities", which surprised me personally because I'd always thought of the man leading the parade as being Founding Father George Washington, even though given this description it is more likely Silent Sam, a Confederate soldier whose statue is located on-campus not far from this mural.

above: "Parade of Humanity" by Michael Brown (1997) (( img source )).

above: "Parade of Humanity" by Michael Brown (1997) ((img source)).

As cited here, Brown once said of this work, "I liked the idea of a parade mural since that alley had a constant parade of interesting characters going to and from campus". The location is particularly fitting for this theme since Porthole Alley connects the traditional campus (featuring academic halls and three libraries: Davis, Wilson, and the Undergraduate) with the shops and restaurants of Franklin Street.

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