From the desk of FRANK - Mondrian cake & modern art desserts

From the desk of FRANK - 08/09/2014

In today's "From the desk" posting, we explore desserts with modern art influences -- specifically a Piet Mondrian cake served at a certain modern art museum that is taking the art world by storm. We invite you to share your own experiences with art-themed baking in the comments, or on Twitter @FrankGallery1.

The SFMoMA Mondrian Cake

At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the pastry chéfs at Blue Bottle Bakery have served up a delightful cake made to resemble artist Piet Mondrian's famous geometric artworks. An original (Composition No. III ) hangs in the SFMoMA today, and thus the museum café boasts a nod to his art in dessert form. As excerpted from this NPR article on the subject:

" [T]he café's most popular item [is] a dessert inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian, featuring geometric blocks of white velvet cake, colored red, blue and yellow, stacked together and 'glued' with chocolate."
above: A slice of the widely-reknowned SFMoMA Mondrian cake ( img source )

above: A slice of the widely-reknowned SFMoMA Mondrian cake (img source)

This SFMoMA café features many other desserts inspired by modern art, and the pastry chéfs have even published a recipe book that explains how to bake their creations from the comfort of your home. However, after browsing through the cookbook myself, I noticed that these are not easy recipes. From page 80, the beginning of the Mondrian cake recipe: "The Mondrian cake is a multiday project that takes... preparation before it can be assembled." Yikes!

That being said, I hope that this posting has inspired you to consider more ways to incorporate art into your daily life, including but not limited to baking.