Nature as an artistic medium

Artist of the Day - Hillary Fayle


You might have noticed in the thumbnail image that there is yet another artist in the same creative "vein" as Patrick Dougherty: Ms. Hillary Fayle, an MFA student in Richmond, Virginia (attending Virginia Commonwealth University) and our Artist of the Day. As described in this article from the art blog Colossal, Fayle takes leaves (the part of a sapling that Dougherty removes) to create sewn artworks. She may have cut openings in the leaves and destroyed them from within, but the act of repairing this intentional damage to create something even more beautiful than before is an intriguing way of using nature as a medium.

It is fascinating how two artists using the same source (a tree/sapling) can take an entirely different approach and use the source material in a distinct way. They produce artworks of dissimilar sizes, and their artworks evoke different responses from the viewer.

How do you feel about the way artists use the natural medium? Is it ethical to do so? What necessary precautions should be taken by an artist before exploring this method? Leave your response in the comments. As always, thank you for visiting FRANK.