Patrick Dougherty's Stickworks - "Bending Sticks" and origin


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Artist of the Day - Patrick Dougherty

Today's topic is the artwork of North Carolinian and internationally-renowned artist Patrick Dougherty. Something truly remarkable about Dougherty and his work is the skill with which he is able to manage the labor-intensive task of using live saplings to create thought-provoking pieces. There are now over 230 extant Dougherty works; the thumbnail image of this post is actually a 1997 work entitled Cell Division as seen at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Georgia.

This Friday, July 18th, at the local Downtown Chapel Hill Varsity Theater, there will be a 7PM screening of the film "Bending Sticks", which explores the artist and his work. This will be followed by a reception here at the FRANK, which Mr. Dougherty will attend. We are pleased to have such a talented environmental artist present at this event, and we welcome and encourage you to join us for a night of incredible sculpture and discussion.

Below is the trailer for "Bending Sticks", directed by Kenny Dalsheimer and Penelope Maunsell.

For more biographical information about Patrick Dougherty or to contact this artist, please visit his website at