From the desk of FRANK - Social networking and art

From the desk of FRANK

Welcome to another variety of FRANK Blog postings. "From the desk of FRANK" posts will focus on broader art topics that may still involve the local art scene/community, but also allow for the incorporation of global topics in art.

Social networking and digital art

Today's "From the desk" will focus on the way that social networking influences our interpretations of artwork. As you may have noticed in the thumbnail image, Vincent Van Gogh's famous "Starry Night" is given a new dimension by Korean pixel artist Jaebum Joo. His interpretation of Van Gogh's art has upwards of 1,500 likes and reblogs on, as well as 923 views and counting on, the host site of his digital portfolio. The way Joo and other artists use social networking as a platform for their art is indicative of a new age in visual arts. Artists use Tumblr and other web sites as a sort of virtual gallery to display their portfolios, and this trend could easily continue for the foreseeable future.

As we've seen, masterpieces of artwork can be experienced in a new way once they're translated into the digital medium; another example of this being Gary Andrew Clarke's Mona Lisa "remix" series:


from left to right: Mona Lisa Remixed (2009); MN LS (n.y.); Mona Lisa Remixed (remixed) (n.y.)

It's really interesting that there are so many ways of digitally interpreting the same painting, most focusing on solely the color palette and how an artist might use the minimal amount of details to visually convey the same image.

How does your view of art change once it's been digitially redesigned? Post your opinion in the comments or tweet us @FRANKGallery1.