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Artist Statement

Barbi’s desire in painting is to depict and communicate the emotions elicited by subtle and peaceful moments in time that establishes her as an accomplished multi-media painter.

Dalton employs a skillful use of impasto painting in her latest series, “Ebullient Creeks.” This technique of thickly applying paint with the palette knife, has enabled her to create a powerful and complex water series inspired by years of contemplating the stream that flows by her home.

Dalton is also known for her paintings of reflective figures. The casual elegance of these pieces balance the gesture and expression of the subject with the abstract elements of the composition. Her graceful approach reveals the fragile essence of her subject by capturing a reflective or meditative moment. This kind of intimate connection often resonates deeply with the viewer on a spiritual level.



Artist Bio

After earning a degree in Fine Arts from Kansas University, Dalton experimented with a spectrum of artistic endeavors including textile design, commercial photography, and graphic arts in New York City. She travelled through Europe to study the Italian masters and after returning to the states, became an established artist in the Chicago area. When she moved to North Carolina in 1998, Dalton broadened her range through “plein-air” painting and working in oil.

Today, Barbi Dalton lives an active life in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She is a wife and mother of 3  grown children and 2 recent grandchildren, which she travels extensively to visit. Barbi has recently retired as a professional flight attendant.

She is involved with her Church and various organizations in Chapel Hill. Barbi has recently joined the OCAG Board and serves as Chairman of the OCAG Annual Open Studio Tour. A favorite hobby of Barbi’s is traveling and golfing.

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