Austin Cathey

Artist Statement

My current body of work deals with time and the concept of creating and interpreting memories; which have always been essentials for the human experience. The fluidity of the materials used in these drawings, ink or paint mixed with water, serves as a metaphor for making and recording memories. When the washes interact with the drawing surface they immediately stain it, leaving a record, a memory, of their existence. As the water slowly evaporates, only reticulations are left behind; always lighter and less vibrant than their original state. Thus time, ink, and water collaborate to create a visual metaphor for experience and memory. These interactions are repeated several times for each piece, referencing humanities ability to consistently layer new memories over old memories. Since every individual has different experiences, and memories, the drawings use abstract imagery that use balance and complexity to allow each viewer his or her interpretation.

Artist Bio

Austin Cathey is a North Carolina based artist who grew up in a small town outside of Asheville, NC. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Asheville with a BFA in Drawing in 2015, where he graduated Cum Laude with Distinctions in Art. After studying academic drawing, he was inspired to explore non-representational abstract art by such artists as Val Britton and Jackson Pollock. During this time he experimented with ink pouring techniques, scale, layering, cut paper, collage, and hanging-paper installations. Upon graduating he presented his senior solo exhibition, Recollection Immemorial, which abstractly conceptualized time, spirituality, and the fragility of human memory. His correlating research paper was published in the university's Undergraduate Research Journal. Austin moved to Carrboro this past October with his wife and two cats, where he was lucky enough to become the Emerging Artist Apprentice at the FRANK gallery.