JULY 11 - AUGUST 5, 2017

Opening Reception, JULY 14, 6-9PM (all shows)

The Elegant Line

Sudie Rakusin & Susan Filley

“One must always search for the desire of the line, where it wishes to enter or where to die away." - Henri Matisse

Humbly and respectfully, there is always the search for that elusive, elegant line. The authentic line that contains integrity and grace. What is its imposing width or gossamer thinness? Its angle and curve? Its placement on a surface or its fluidity in space? And where does the line end, after-all? The line is worked until it says to leave it be. FRANK presents “The Elegant Line, featuring Sudie Rakusin and Susan Filley. Rakusin celebrates line in her mixed-media abstract works; Filley creates graceful forms in clay.

Sudie Rakusin’s latest work employs cold wax and oil on board; her abstract works are filled with color, texture and movement that are dominated by lines. Using a palette knife, she builds up thick textures, piling color upon color and then cutting through it all with line work. The result is a body of work that Rakusin believes to capture a feeling of exploration and a love of the line.

Susan Filley’s ceramics have an unmistakable elegance to their forms. Her pieces are created with porcelain, a wonderfully rich clay with beautiful surface qualities.  Filley’s glazes create a stunning depth and brilliance on the finished pieces, while her gestural sense of line and fluid shapes give her work a sophistication and beauty.

susan 3.jpg

Annual Consignor Invitational

Carmen Elliott, Cathy Kiffney

Elaine O'Neil

Henryk Fantazos, Anne Gregory, Rosie Thompson

Rebecca Neigher

Also featured in July, six artists who share a sense of whimsy and color in their individual bodies of work. The artists whose work will be showcased at FRANK this month include ceramicists Carmen Elliott and Cathy Kiffney, textile artist Elaine O'Neil, painters Henryk Fantazos, Anne Gregory and Rosie Thompson, and jeweler Rebecca Neigher. These Triangle based artists share some line, color and stylistic qualities, but overall were chosen as exceptional examples of the rich local artistic community. Each artist will be presenting a small body of work, showcasing their personal points of view and distinct, elevated level of skill and creativity.