Sandy Milroy

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Sandy Milroy, a textile artist for 25 years, currently works in the mediums of Collage and  Acrylic Painting. She uses handmade papers, paint, and micro-pens to achieve intricate compositions, abstract or derived from nature.

The inspirational reference points for her work include ancient Peruvian textiles, aerial photos of the earth that reveal its patchwork fields and urban densities, canyon rock strata, and the geometries and natural materials used in some architectural styles (modern and vernacular.) Her working process is to focus first on creating a broad color palette of “enhanced” papers, either patterned or plain. She adds subsequent layers by stamping, tearing, marbling, and recombining to achieve different colors, textures, and finishes.

Sandy was born and raised in Emporia, Kansas and received a B.A degree in art history from Wellesley College. She then worked in art conservation at the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard. After moving to North Carolina, she began weaving and studied at the Penland, Arrowmont, and Haystack craft schools. In 1974 she moved to Zambia for two years where she helped establish craft markets for traditional village craftspeople. Subsequently she lived in Aberdeen, Scotland and also in the English Lake District where she maintained weaving studios. She was awarded a grant from the British Crafts Council for a retrospective exhibition of her work at the Carlisle Art Museum in 1980.

After returning to Chapel Hill in 1981, she completed graduate studies in the textile design program at NC State University and produced fine scale tapestry pins and wall pieces for a national market.

She is a member of the Orange County Artist Guild and participates regularly in their Open Studio Tours. She is also an exhibiting member at the FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill.