Pati Scobey

Pati Scobey received her MFA in Printmaking from the University of Wisconsin. As an independent artist, Pati teaches in a variety of venues. Most recently she was a Koopman Distinguished Chair at the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, Connecticut.  Grants and residencies have provided support for a number of her projects.  These include the multi-media performance “The Behavior of Circles”, and her on-going project, “Lost with the Poets”.  Exhibited widely, her work is part of many collections including those at the Getty Research Center and the British Library. Her home and studio are near Concord, Michigan. 

Seeds of Weeds of the Great Plains and Windows of Time are portions of an on-going project titled Lost with the Poets.

In the incubation period of this project, I allowed ingredients found in writings by poets to inform and shape decisions as I experimented. Some of this work contained images of very small seeds. This led me to look at specific seed shapes in a handbook of seed identification by Linda Davis, “Weed Seeds of the Great Plains”. I referred to this book when I made the shaped plates for the series of ink rubbings titled Seeds of Weeds of the Great Plains. I think of these pieces as portraits of the seeds.

 The series Windows of Time evolved from experimentation using collagraph plates and printing on shaped paper. In this series, I have paired the seeds, positioning each in relation to the point where the edge of the paper slightly shifts.  I think of the space that the seeds are within as a place-less place, a deep tunneling space that can’t quite be defined. It is a place where these searching, yearning seeds are seeking possibility and direction.

Seeds of Weeds of the Great Plains 7 x 10 Ink Rubbing

Seeds of Weeds of the Great Plains

7 x 10

Ink Rubbing