Megan Clark

Megan Clark grew up in Durham, North Carolina where she became interested in visual arts at an early age.  This interest led her to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2001 where she pursued a degree in Metals and Jewelry.  After graduating in 2005, Megan relocated to Raleigh, NC, where she began her career as a jewelry artist and craftsman.

Since 2009, Megan has been working independently on her own designs and participating in art shows and exhibitions along the East Coast.  She has developed a unique style that is both contemporary and timeless. 

"I am consistently drawn to the patterns, textures and colors that nature has to offer us.  I enjoy the way in which a feather or a fish scale, in repetition, can become such a complex and beautiful vision. 

I translate these images into my jewelry by breaking the patterns down to their basic shapes and color schemes.  Through the use of a jeweler’s saw, and other basic fabrication techniques, I am able to construct, by hand, each piece in layers, treating it as a collage."