Mary Lamb

My paintings are concerned with vision, color, luminosity, design and surface. I use photographs as reference sources, but I attempt to go beyond mere photorealism by creating a more definitive rendering that is emotive in its range.

Photorealist paintings imitate photographic images. Although my work is photographic in essence, my paintings entail a more complex focus. The paintings aren’t strict interpretations of photographs, nor are they literal illustrations of a subject. They depict the subject as a living tangible object, as I see it. It is my vision. In addition, the paintings incorporate subtle, pictorial elements to create an illusion that exists only in my reality.

I manipulate colors, textures, surfaces, lighting effects and shadows to both emphasize the sensuality of the subject and produce an active composition that is both simple and complex. I also incorporate a glazing medium with my oil paints that produces a depth and richness to further emphasize the subject’s sensuality and the painting’s surface.

My work has been small in scale but currently I am working on a series of larger paintings that concentrates on the use of a limited color range and a geometry of elements engaged in baroque rhetoric. The lack of obvious formal composition and a limited color range combine to reinforce the surface richness and visual activity. Hopefully this representation will initiate a purely visual reaction in the viewer.